Disney's High School Musical JR. - August 10 - August 13, 2017

New Vision Players

  Director's Notes  

What can you say about this iconic “Disney Channel” musical? When New Vision Players selected this show as our 2017 Summer Youth Production, all I wanted was to create a party on stage. You can’t perform this show without having an absolute blast - and that was our goal from the very beginning.

Given the extensive age range of our cast members, the themes of High School Musical applied to our very experience throughout rehearsals. As a staff, we constantly encourage our cast members to socialize with everyone - not only his/her “close friends” in the show. It’s natural to gravitate towards peers in your age bracket who share your similar interests - that’s the easy thing to do, or the “status quo”. However, as highlighted by Troy, Gabriella, and our rebels, sometimes the more difficult choice results in the greatest reward - DON’T stick to the status quo. And this is a lesson that I want these cast members (many of which are my own students) to apply to socialization in school and beyond. Reach out and make connections to those students who are outside of your circle of friends. Do what ultimately makes you happy - not necessarily only what your peers expect of you.

Another challenge we experienced along the way was the question of originality. How do we make this production of “High School Musical” unique? We decided to create four exclusive locker units (one for each clique). In the beginning of the show, all props and personal items to each clique can be seen as segregated from other cliques. By the end of the show, assimilation of property and space will take place as all cliques realize that they do not exist only in those segregated locker units - everyone exists together underneath the same roof at the school.


We hope this show entertains and uplifts you as we put a close to the summer of 2017.



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