The Crucible - November 16 - November 18, 2017

Mount Pleasant High School

 End Notes 

Director's Notes:


I am very excited to be back at Mount Pleasant High School overseeing the Drama Department. I can't think of a better way to kick things off then to dive right into Arthur Miller's The Crucible


As many know, when I direct shows at Mount Pleasant, I try to find ones that have some type of theme so our students are not only educating themselves on the craft of theater, but also learning life lessons. The Crucible is no exception.


Considered one of modern theater's classics, it's a cautionary tale of the consequences of gossip, rumors, and the price people pay for accusations. There is a power in gossip that still rings true today. While the days of 1692 Salem have long passed, gossip and bullying still run rampant through our every day lives. The scariest part is how quickly gossip can spread now that we have access to social media. Apps like Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook can turn an entire community against a person in seconds. 


This is why school districts across the world have implemented code of conduct policies regarding social media because one person's joke and one person laughing at that joke can turn into the downfall of someone's reputation. So often young and old alike don't understand the power of words, but we have to find a way to recgonize that power.


I hope that those who come see the show can recognize the tragedy in gossip and accusations and the way it can affect the lives of innocent people. Together we should be able to get to apoint where we can stop gossip, accusations, and bullying before it gets started. The thing is, it all starts with you. Sure you may hear one thing about someone, but it's up to you to decide whether or not to spread a falsehood or stand up for the rights of those who might not be able to defend themselves. What stand will you make?


I'd like to thank all the parents, students, and administraiton who have welcome me back with open arms and look forward to many future productions with this talented group of people!


Chris Turner

Drama Director




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