Disney's Mulan JR. - March 14 - March 15, 2018

Mossy Oaks Elementary School


A successful production takes the help of many individuals.  The cast and crew would like to thank the following people for their help in making our production great.


~Bonnie Hargrove and Pat Wilcox of USC-B Center for the Arts for allowing us to borrow costumes.


~Jessie Gavigan and Carole Ingram for lending us microphones.


~Kathy Clark, Amy Edwards and Lynne Sunday for always being willing to pitch in whenever we needed them.


~Alicia Rouse and Becky Schlack-Babb for helping with Auditions.


~Mr. Jim Levi for ordering whatever we needed.


~Kelly Hall for sharing your talents with us.


~Isabella Steele and Lydia Caps (students at Beaufort Middle School) for serving as great Peer Role Models for our cast and crew.


~MOES faculty and staff for your ongoing support of our Arts Programs.


~Carol Pringle for allowing us to use her classroom for rehearsals and performances.


~The entire Academic Arts team for their flexibility and support of this production.


~Michelle Sackman and Tina Johnson for always supporting our wild ideas and allowing us the opportunity to create great performance experiences for our students.


~Parents of the Cast and Crew for your support of your children.



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