Disney's Mulan JR. - March 14 - March 15, 2018

Mossy Oaks Elementary School


Written In Stone (part 1)  
Laozi, Yun, Lin, Ancestors
Written In Stone (part 2)  
Fa Zhou, Fathers, Fa Li, Grandmother Fa, Mothers
Written In Stone (part 3)  
Ancestors, Mothers, Sons, Fathers
Bride Practice  
Honor To Us All (part 1)  
Fa Zhou, Ancestors
Honor To Us All (part 2)  
Company (Hairdressers, Groomers), Mulan, Grandmother Fa
Honor To Us All (reprise)  
Hong, Lin, Laozi, Yun
Mulan, Ancestor Chorus, Fa Li, Grandmother Fa
Written In Stone (reprise)  
Ancestor Chorus, Mulan
Keep 'em Guessin' (part 1)  
Keep 'em Guessin' (part 2)  
Company, Mushu
I'll Make A Man/lesson No. 1  
Shang, Mulan, Soldiers, Mushu
A Girl Worth Fighting For  
Soldiers, Ling, Mulan, Qian-Po, Chi-Fu, Shang
A Girl Worth Fighting For (reprise)  
Mulan, Company
Keep 'em Guessin' (reprise)  
Mulan, Shang, Yao, Ling, Qian-Po
A Girl Worth Fighting For (reprise)/Coming Home  
Emperor, Company
Honor To Us All (finale)  
Ancestors, Full Company
Keep 'em Guessin' (bows)  

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