Disney's The Little Mermaid JR. - March 15 - March 16, 2018

McCord Middle School


There is no way that this year’s production could have happened without all of the help we have received.  There are so many we need to thank and not enough time or space to do so.  Please know that we appreciate your assistance!  Thank you for helping!


Special thanks to


Holly Thompson

Chuck Buford

The WKHS Theatre Department

Cheli Cappetta

Kara Johansen

Kristin Scott

Heidi and Jamey Shiffer

Michele and David Gilley

Jerry Rees

David Wendt

Michael Kuri

Rob Brown

Adham Schirg 

Allie Seiling

Jenny Keep

Liane Ruder

Kathy Roush

Christina Cavaluchy

Lori Whitlatch

Sue Moon-Swihart

Gary Stambaugh

Randy Ross

Jay Caruso

Marti Corna

Andrea Kousgan

The McCord Music Department for putting up with our mess

The McCord custodians for cleaning up our mess!

The McCord staff for being so supportive! 

The High School Students who are mentoring our crew and helping out!

All of the wonderful musical parents- without your help and continued support, we could not do what we love to do!




Please continue to support the McCord Drama Club in the future! May 10th and 11th is our One Act performance. 

See you there!

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