In The Heights - April 27 - April 30, 2017

McAdory High School Theatre

 Crew Who's Who 

  • Carl Dean - Director/Choreographer head shot

    Carl Dean - Director/Choreographer

    Carl, a 25 year veteran of the stage, is thrilled to be in his second year at McAdory and directing his 4th production here. This is one of his favorite shows of all time and he is excited to finally get to mount a production of it. He dedicates this show to his children, Caroline and Ryder, who are almost bigger Lin-Manuel Miranda fans than he is!

  • Roy Hudson - Set Designer head shot

    Roy Hudson - Set Designer

    Roy Hudson is the 2009 Alabama Teacher of the Year and has spent a lifetime working with young people who now work on Broadway, in film and television, in the music industry, as teachers, and in virtually every other walk of life. He is a prolific director, designer, and playwright who has worked professionally all over the United States and in Europe. He now teaches private lessons for various arts groups around the state. He is a consultant for the Alabama State Department of Education and the Jefferson County Board of Education as well as many other schools throughout the state of Alabama. He is proud to be working with Mr. Dean, his frequent collaborator on all things theatre, and he is excited to have even a small part in this ambitious production at McAdory High School.

  • Daniel Vickery- Set Designer head shot

    Daniel Vickery- Set Designer

    Daniel Vickery has been working in theatre and film for over 25 years. He has created sculpture, swords, metal plate armour, props, set designs, interior design and special effects makeup for private individuals, top regional theaters, and production companies. His work has been commissioned by HBO, the UPN Network, Nippon Television (Japan), The Fernbank Museum in Atlanta, The Alliance Theatre, Reebok, IBM, The Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games, The AL Shakespeare Festival, Cooking Light Magazine, and MAC Cosmetics to name a few. He is truly a Renaissance man. He paints, draws, sculpts, does metal smithing, makes jewelry, clothing and furniture. He loves photography and even dabbles in music and writing. When he isn't working he can be found defying gravity and age on a skateboard trying to keep up with his daughter or sword fighting with friends. His work can be seen at:

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