Disney's Beauty and the Beast JR. - May 19 - May 20, 2017

Lake Oconee Academy

 Who's Who 

  • Helen Garcia-Carreras head shot

    Helen Garcia-Carreras

    Student Director/Choreographer

    Helen Garcia-Carreras, 14, is thrilled to be the choreographer and student director of Beauty and the Beast. Helen has performed in many productions including Once Upon a Mattress (2016) as Lady Larken. She loves playing many instruments and dancing with her family. “Thanks to the people who have supported me in my life,” said Helen. “You're the reason why I’m here today.”

  • Braden Strickland head shot

    Braden Strickland

    as Beast

    Braden Strickland is an 8th Grader at Lake Oconee Academy portraying the role of Beast. He has participated in 3 other LOA Productions as Jetsam in The Little Mermaid, Drake in Annie Jr., and Young Simba in The Lion King. He has a sister, Ella, mother, Cristan, and father, Marc. He also has two dogs, Sophie and Selene. He most enjoys portraying the Beast because of the transformation to a Prince.

  • Hailey Heinen head shot

    Hailey Heinen

    as Belle

    Hailey Grace Heinen is in 6th Grade at LOA. She has a twin sister Hannah. Hailey enjoys playing piano and cheerleading. She has attended many baking classes. Hailey has been in many productions, including Alice in Wonderland as a Royal Attendant, a jester in the show, Joust, and several Christmas musicals. She is excited to play the role of Belle and is most thrilled about all of the choreography.

  • Ethan Hankinson head shot

    Ethan Hankinson

    as Gaston

    Ethan Hankinson is a sixth grade student at LOA. This year, he is portraying Gaston. Previously, he has been in many shows, including: The Best Christmas Pageant Ever as Ralph Herdman, Alice in Wonderland as Tweedle Dee, and The Jungle Book as a Wolf. Ethan has 3 brothers, 1 sister, and his Mom and Dad. His brother, Andrew, is playing Lumiere. Ethan loves singing, acting, filming, and cooking.

  • Justin Zahler head shot

    Justin Zahler

    as Maurice

    Justin Zahler, 12, is portraying Maurice in LOA’s Beauty and the Beast. Justin is in the 6th grade and achieves high grades. Justin has a sister, Dawn, who is also in the production, as well as a younger brother. Outside of school, Justin enjoys playing tennis and sleeping. His favorite part about musical theater is physical activity and choreography.

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