James and the Giant Peach - August 11 - August 13, 2017

Kids for Kids Productions, Inc.




Act I



Right Before Your Eyes


On your Way Home

Atrocious Aunties

Property of Spiker and Sponge

Spider's Entrance

The Chase

Opening the Bag

Shake It Up

Spiker and Sponge's Reveal

The Peach Grows

There's Money On That Tree

Scarf Tear

Glass Break

Middle of a Moment


Our Adventure Begins

Top Of The Peach

Floatin' Along*


Act II


Entr'act / Tick Tock

Grasshopper Fiddles

Music Bow Scrapes

Have You Even Begun to Wonder*

A Getaway For Spiker and Sponge

Nightmare (Reprise)

Glowworm Glows

Grasshopper Soothes

Grasshopper Underscores

Everywhere That You Are

I Got You

Follow That Peach

Trouble on the High Peach

Plump and Juicy

James To The Rescue!

There's a Tug on the Rope

Empire State / The Attack

Spiker and Sponge Get Their Peach

On Our Way Home (Reprise)

Welcome Home*


*Choreographed by Jessica Cianciotto

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