James and the Giant Peach - August 11 - August 13, 2017

Kids for Kids Productions, Inc.


We would like to express our gratitude & appreciation to the following people for all of their hard work and dedication in putting this show together...
Christine Biernacki
Sadia Khan
Myra Khan
Jill Mulherin
Christine Becker
Danielle Lamb
Dennis Rosenblatt
Frank Thristino
Melinda Danziger
Liz Campbell
Nicholas Spingler
Lillian Schweikert
Tyler Harf
J.D. Kelly
Emily Spooner
Johanna Kelly
Brandon Schindlar
Johnny- We are all so proud of the dedication & passion you have- Dream Big, Work Hard, Stay Focused & Surround Yourself with Good People- and most importantly don’t forget to LAUGH. We Love You, M,J,M,J,JTJTC,AT,GR&GJ
Aayan Khan- We are so proud of you Aayan.  Keep singing and dancing.  love you Mom, Dad and Myra

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