Spring Awakening - July 21 - July 30, 2017

JustArt Theatricals

 Special Thanks 

Bringing Balance

JustArt Theatricals, LLC is exceptionally grateful to for the generosity of these allies dedicated to helping us try to bring balance to an unsteady world.


Caroline Annarella


Anonymous – Go Sox!

Anonymous – Runaway Lawyer

Kayla Bogad

Lesley Bogad

Molly Bogad

Morgan Bogad

Brendan Bradley

Joy Brooks

Kevin Clifford

Tina Cocumelli

Shelley Collier

Mostawesome Cousinever

Cynthia Crass

Kirstin Daniel

Elisa DiVincenzi

Julie Dobkin

Sara Galik

Shauna Goodman

Karen Kegelman

Danny Mellon

Richard Plotkin

Zack Ryan

Ethan Saewitz

Devina Sabnis

Shukra Sabnis

Tina Settimi & Family

Aaron Sheanin

Julie and Shashank Shuler Misra

Caitlin Steedle

Janet Steedle

Sam Troilo

Lisa Yacomelli and Ferd Convery


JustArts Theatricals Special Thanks


President Brendan Kennealy and Father Chris Beretta, of Salesianum School:

Your administrative ledership and bravery enabled this production 


Ms. Pauline Harding

Your contributions of time and talent qutie literally kept clothes on our backs!


Mr. David Lock

This production would have been completely impossible without your overwhelming dedication. We are indebeted and honored to have your belief in this work.




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