Mary Poppins - March 09 - March 11, 2018

John F. Deering Middle School


This program began in 1997 as an after school activity.  Twenty One years later we are still going strong thanks to the students, parents, administration, school committee, and community of West Warwick.  Our sincere thanks does not even begin to cover how grateful we are for your continued believe in us.

Every year the sheer scope of talent that West Warwick has to offer is amazing and this year has been no exception.  Fifth through eighth grade students come together to create this beautiful show. We are all dependent on each other and as such, we become an extended family.  I want to thank you DMS Players for never giving up on me, no matter how tough rehearsals could be. Our congratulations to our wonderful cast, crew, and everyone who helped to make this  weekend go so smoothly.

Life is like a circle and no I haven’t ventured into the wrong musical, I am still talking about our production of Mary Poppins. This year we have not one, but two original DMS Players as Directors and Choreographers. It says so much about this program that former students have come back as teachers to pass on their immense talents.  Thank you Meghan McGovern and Matt Healey, I appreciate you both so much.

This year when our production began we were extremely worried since we had no after school program and thus no busses.  Our students and their parents have more than exceeded our expectations as this year they have had to undertake the added responsibility of transporting their children from place to place.  Your children are truly an inspiration to us all and this has been one of the closest groups we have ever had. We are especially proud of our little fifth graders who have willing undertaken whatever we have asked of them.

Mr. Guiot, Mr. Chander & Mr. Green thank you for your continued support for this program.  Mrs. Karen Tarasevich, thank you for your unending encouragement over the years and willingness to venture into new advertising avenues.  Cheri Lemery, the fundraising queen, carpooling giant, and publicity mogal, what are we going to do without you next year? Thank you for everything.  Tracy & Greg Le Fort, even without a child in Deering, you are still there for us and we could not do this without you.

A sweep is as lucky, as lucky could be and Kenneth Townsend we are so lucky to have you.  None of the beautiful scenery and creative special effects could be achieved without your artistic vision and never ending determination to make each production the best one yet.

To quote Mary Poppins, In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun. Julie Brodeur, Jill Fisher, Matthew Healey, Giuseppe Lancellotta, & Meghan McGovern, what can I say.....with you all around life is certainly never dull.  You are truly family to me and I will always remember the memories we make together. There is no other group of people that I want to spend 24 hours a day, seven days a week with.

Every year it gets harder to say goodbye to our eighth graders.  I look forward to seeing you perform in the high school shows as you are Practically perfect in everyway.  Break -a - leg my stars.

To my amazing cast and crew, thank you for joining me on this crazy adventure and for trusting me along the way.  It has truly been a privilege and honor to work with you all. Now in the wise words of Mary Poppins........... Go chase your dreams, you won’t regret it.  Anything can happen if you let it.

Fiona J. McIntosh


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