The Little Mermaid - March 10 - March 12, 2017

John F. Deering Middle School


Congratulations, Sebastian! We are so proud of you! Love, Dad, Samantha & Koko


Good luck, Zoe! Love, U. Craig, A. Laura, Quinn & Cosette


You are our star, Jayden Peacock! Love, Mom, Dad, Ariana & Eian


Good luck, Jacob! Love, Grandma & Dan  We are proud of you!


Em, we can't wait to see you shine! Love, Mom & Dad


Congratulations, Gianna Teh! Love, Mom & Dad


Zoe, we are so proud of you! Love, U. Craig, A. Lodia & Gavin


To Ali, our shining star! Love, Aunty & Uncle


Giselle, keep shooting for the stars!  Grandma


Rock on Band Kids! Mrs. Beliveau


Zoe, you will do great! Love always, Lola & Pepere


Break a leg, Emily L.! So proud! Love, Mom & Dad


Great job, Molly! Love, Mom & Dad


Great job, Jake! Uncle Nick, Auntie TT, Logan, Lila


Olivia Day: So proud of you! Love, Grandma Cathie


Lex L, wish u all the shells in the sea! Meme & Pepe


Good luck, Nicole! Love you! Gramma & Grampa


Break a leg, Gillian L.! So proud! Love Mom & Dad


Congratulations, Buddy! We are so proud of you, Josh! Love, Dad, Samantha & Koko


Zoe, we are so proud of you! Love, Mom, Dad & Ty


Good luck, Olivia! - Paul Silva


We're so proud of you, Jake! Love, Lissa & Steve


Excited to see you in the play, Lynds! Love, Mom n' Dad


Giselle, good luck my tapdancing gull.  Love you!  Mom


Good luck, Cailey! Love, Auntie Shirley


 Good luck, Emily! We love you! Nonny & Papa


 Break a leg, Olivia! Love, B


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