Bring It On: The Musical - April 20 - April 22, 2017

J.W. Mitchell High School


The J.W. Mitchell High School Administration

Ms. Jessica Schultz - Principal

Assistant Principals: Ms. Jill Cortier, Ms. Heather Bell, Ms. Cheryl Lynn Macri Grim &

Ms. Tracey Tricozzi


Our Mighty Ladies of the Front Office

Ms. Janet Mendieta, Ms. Michell Herring, Ms. Gracen Herring, Ms. Mindy Mattos,

Ms. Sheri Lynn Satterwhite & Ms. Gail Van De Boe


The Equally Mighty Ladies of the Media

Ms. Denise Crabtree, Ms. Rebecca Dobbins & Ms. Jenna Clarice Eyers


Fine Arts Department

Ms. Donna Fulton (Dept Head), Ms. Trudy Stugard, Mr. Justin Fenton, Mr. Steve Ailing

& Mr. Joel Quina


Co-Sponsor: International Thespian Troupe 6272

Mr. Ken Gureck


Ms. Michele Chamberlain




Kristie Copeland & Cedar Ridge High School,

Jim & Lori Steele, Tyler Corbin, Adrienne Richrath, Carolina Madriz,

Greg & Andie Mitchell, Tom Werner & Pro-Copy,

Diana Rogers & River Ridge Drama


Richard D'onofrio, Faith Brooks,

Daniel McConaghy (Stage Manager), Matt Beil (Lighting Designer),

Daniel Gentry (Sound Designer) & all the crew at

The Center for the Arts at River Ridge


The deepest of gratitude to the parents and guardians of the extremely talented students involved on-stage and behind the scenes!


A virtual copy of this program with expanded content such as video clips is located at

Put Bring It On: The Musical into "search shows" and "2017" in "year"

 and it will take you to it on your smartphone, tablet, or computer!




Thank you for your work and dedication to me, to the productions, and to Thespian Troupe 6272.  Whether you were with me for four years or only one, you will be sorely missed and will always have a welcome place to visit for years to come.


Farewell Sydney, Emily, Kiana, Nicole, Kasey, Desiree, Bella, Jacob, HBG, Geoff, David, Jordan, Becky, Andy, Elisabeth, Karem, Grace, Amanda, Brittany, Krystine, Caitlin, Delilah, Chase, Kelly & Jessi


 The videotaping or other video or audio recording of this production is strictly prohibited.

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