Hot Chocolate Poetry - September 24

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  • Tekila Ortiz head shot

    Tekila Ortiz

    as TekilaShotz

    I'm 25 yrs old. I started writing short poems at a young age, then ventured into rap. Now my poetry contains styles from the rap and poetry world. My other interests/talents are Dancing and Singing. I get my inspiration from Artists like Jill scott, Erykah Badu, Jazmine Sullivan.....and I write, because it's impossible not to.

  • Mike Vega head shot

    Mike Vega

    as L'ryk

    Poetry is my second language. I love the poetry found all throughout history, especially in the Bible. I write to escape the world and enter a reality of my own construction. When I write, it feels better than breathing.

  • Parris Kidd head shot

    Parris Kidd

    as PKidd

    I've always paid more attention to musical lyrics than my peers did while growing up. Gradually I began to write my own and develop both raps and poetry. Poetic expression is one of my favorite forms of communication. You can say just about anything in a poem. 

  • Janell Washington head shot

    Janell Washington

    as Noted Beauty

    I am a mother and a wife and that has been my latest spark of inspiration for poetry. I've always had affection for poetry and whenever I get a chance I put pen to paper to express my inner thoughts.

  • Derrick Hughes head shot

    Derrick Hughes

    as The Strategy

    As a singer and poet I am a lover of art. I believe that poetry is a reflection of pain, joy, and love all in one art form. I have been a member of HCP since its first show in London Town Homes. 

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