Hot Chocolate Poetry - September 24

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We made it!!!


2017 has been Hot Chocolate Poetry’s biggest year ever.  The time and preparation that went into creating this kind of production was worth the effort, and we could not be prouder of what we have created and built with your support. In doing so however, there were great sacrifices made by each member of the team. I would like to acknowledge those who made this possible.


We would first like to thank each and every performer, because without them, none of this would be possible. The HCP poets all lead busy and exciting lives outside of their involvement with the show. They are Ministers, Senior Level Managers, Insurance Agents, Teachers, Dental Hygenists, Investors, IT Experts, Business Owners, Husbands, Wives, parents and so much more. Each poet had to pass through a judging panel and board member approval to be in this show. They also had to attend several rehearsals to bring to you the final product. Apart from the traveling, time, and energy, we asked each poet to leave their heart on the stage while performing and to step way outside of their comfort zones. We cannot be more grateful for each and every one of our poets and their proven commitment to giving you a show you could come to love.


I would like to thank the board who helped put this show together, my staff members who stuck by me each step of the way, the judges who worked really hard to pick the very best , and the families who allowed poets, board members, and staff to take a break from their responsibilities at home to assist with this show. I would also like to take the time out to thank each one of our sponsors whose assistance allowed us to finance this production. 


It is vital that I thank my wife, Rena, my brother Andre, and my mother Ginger Bowie. They are the reason HCP came to fruition. They are the reason we are here. They listened to me, brainstormed with me, planned and prayed with me through this entire process. The love, time, and energy they provided me is unmatched and will never be forgotten. 


Last but not least, I have to thank YOU. You, the fans and supporters are my motivation. Your desire and appreciation for poetry and the expression of this art form is what told me not to stop. I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart and tell you that no matter what you do, or how hard things in life may get, remember you are loved and cared for. Your fights, your wins, your struggles, your ups and downs, are the reason we are here, you are #WhyWeWrite.




Yours truly,


Christian Bowie aka~The Prince of Poetry~

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