Hot Chocolate Poetry - September 24

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  • Christian Bowie head shot

    Christian Bowie


    What's up folks!! Welcome to the show! Hot Chocolate Poetry Inc. is more than just a group of people getting together to perform poetry. It is a movement. A bonding and a meshing of all of the things that make us human. It is why we write, why we push, why we inspire. I started this company so that people could have a voice. HCP is not your typical showcase. We search for talent in hidden places and draw out power and uniqueness. I have been writing for over 15 years and have been blessed to perform internationally, and on a stage with so many who have been my personal inspiration. I continue in my journey of poetry because I live it, everyday. I breathe this in, everyday. It is my pulse, my lifeblood, and one of my biggest passions outside of my love for Jehovah God and my family. So many have laid the foundation before me and I am honored to continue it in any way possible. Whenever I am asked why I do this, I remind people that YOU are #WhyWe Write

  • Andre Baker head shot

    Andre Baker

    DJ/Co Host

    I have partnered with my brother Chris since the inception of Hot Chocolate Poetry 3 years ago. I have DJ'd semi-professionally for over 10 years, officially retiring from the work this summer, but I don't look at co-emceeing/ DJing the HCP slam as work at all! The Hot Chocolate name/brand was something that came about after our first show. Chris felt that there was a connection between the way a warm cup of hot chocolate soothes the soul, and the way poetry does so to the mind and heart.  There is also a connection between the fact that if not allowed to cool down and resonate, words can be too hot to handle, like hot chocolate. Chris and I are best friends and have had the opportunity to work with some incredible people as a result of this show. Because of Chris' and my relationship, and the incredible Wordsmiths that grace this stage, the show is where it is today.  Last year's show was to date the best ever,our goal is to top that this year! #HCP2017



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