The Little Mermaid - April 20 - April 22, 2017

Hinsdale Central High School


Crew an Orchestra  
Stage Manager  
Rewo Oshe*  
Light Board Operator  
Kayleigh Excell  
Follow Spot Operators  
Michelle Brown, Izzy Wychocki, and Audrey Carter
Properties Designer  
Eliza Brooks  
Props Assistant  
Emily Laughman  
Sound Board Operators  
Hayley Quinones*, Chloe Lannert, and Quincy Del
Mic Runners  
Ashley Haggard*, Owen Poskin, and Emma Sauder
Deck Chiefs  
Anisha Advani, and Tim Girard
Running Crew  
Susan Cao, Kaitlyn Phillips*, Jackie Greagor, Nick Speziale, Ellie Mather, Brielle Imaña, Philip Fan, Selena Ren, Hadley McCarthy, Weronika Jasko, and Nina Tekkey
Flying Operators  
Dylan Gnat, Jacob Núñez, and Tommy Pierce
Construction Crew  
Anisha Advani, Andrew Berg, Eliza Brooks, Michelle Brown, Susan Cao, Audrey Carter, Quincy Del, Kayleigh Excell, Philip Fan, Tim Girard, Dylan Gnat, Jackie Greager, Ashley Haggard*, Brielle Imaña, Chloe Lannert, Emily Laughman, Anna Lowery*, Ellie Mather, Hadley McCarthy, Jacob Núñez, Rewo Oshe*, Kaitlyn Phillips*, Tommy Pierce, Owen Poskin, Hayley Quinones*, Selena Ren, Emma Sauder, Nick Speziale, Nina Tekkey, John Thompson, Dalton Walsh, and Izzy Wychocki

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