Mary Poppins - July 27 - July 29, 2017

Hays Community Theatre


Crew Members  
Stage/Music Director  
Karl Pratt  
Assistant Director  
Nicholas Naasz  
Abigail Staab  
Choreography Assistants  
Adam Flax, Cody Kreutzer  
Costume Designer  
Sharona Fondoble  
Costume Assistants  
Chelsie Nelson, Nic Naasz, Pamela Grizzell, Katy Walters, Joyce Cornwell, Gertie Staab, Pat Staab, Megan Gottschalk  
Chelsie Nelson  
Hair/Makeup Assistants  
Jodie Leiker, Tristan Brull, Alexandra Herrman  
Director's Apprentice  
Sydney Wittkorn  
Stage Manager  
Tammy Freeman  
Assistant Stage Manager  
Shawna Mersch Koehn  
Jodie Leiker, Wes Leiker, Gene Stramel, Monte Smith, Bailey Nelson, Carley Lang, Sydney Wittkorn, Theresa Bauer, Jerrett Leiker, David Koshiol, Travis Grizzell  
Beach/Schmidt PAC Crew  
Katy Walters, Karlyn Rohr  
Lane Werth, Beach/Schmidt PAC Crew  
Orchestration Director/Assistant Rehearsal Accompanist  
Amy Staab  
Properties Masters  
Shawna Mersch Koehn, Karl Pratt, Cast and Crew  
Set Designer  
Karl Pratt  
Set Architect  
Lisa Nelson Brooksher  
Set Construction Director  
Jerrett Leiker  
Set Construction/Decoration  
Lisa Nelson Brooksher, Jerrett Leiker, Tammy Freeman, Shawna Mersch Koehn, Bruce Brooksher, Carson Brooksher, Travis Grizzell, Jodie Leiker, Bailey Nelson, Gene Stramel, Tamara Leiker, John Leiker, Caitlin Leiker, Avery Simone Koehn  


Hays Community Theatre Board of Directors

Wendy Richmeier, Gene Stramel, Amy Staab

Heather Seiler, Sharona Fondoble, Travis Grizzell
Tom Mai, Katie Lofthus, Candice Norris

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