An adaptation of The Wizard of Oz - December 08 - December 09, 2017

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Welcome to Gateway Performing Arts Studios first Portal Theatre Troupe production. Portal was written and developed by Andrew and I three years ago. Where we ended up putting it on the shelf for the future. Eight months ago during a car ride we started talking about Portal and what we should do with it and then it hit us! We should approach Paula Capone ( Executive Director) of GiGi’s Playhouse and pitch her the idea. We were so pleased that this was the right timing for GiGi’s to partner with us on this project. We could not be more blessed and pleased to see our program come to life with our partners and families at GiGi’s. 
A “Portal”; with a number of bravely placed and greatly understood steps, can take you
anywhere in the universe.
Portal is a vision for a Theater branch of Gateway, designed specifically for special
needs students that promotes literacy, provides an opportunity for Gateway students to gain experience in directing positions, and gives special needs performers an opportunity to Learn and Express and Inspire through the arts.
Portal will train students to put on a full scale production decided by
the Gateway and Portal staff. 
Students will receive acting training, dance training, vocal training, stage direction and learn confidence in performing, memorizing, and working with larger groups.
Portal students will be paired with Gateway students during aspects of production and will learn first hand how to do makeup, work on costumes and props, and do character development along side their Gateway partner.
Staff: Students trained and managed under a Gateway Artistic Director
Student staff will direct the cast, develop and teach choreography, teach vocal parts,
design the set, costumes, makeup , props.
Gateway’s Artistic Director will help manage the staff╩╝s vision and help them stay on task with production and production design.
Thank you all for your support of Portal Theatre Troupe


Ellen and Andrew Mahan

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