Disney's Beauty and the Beast - June 03 - June 04, 2017

From Stage to Screen Acting Studio

  Director's Letter  






A Tale as old as time…. When I began this journey with the cast in January I could never have imaged how much time, energy, blood, sweat and yes even some tears it would take to get to today. This journey has been a challenging, yet rewarding one. I must first start by thanking a few key members of our team. Sally Kaplan for believing in me enough to let me go BIG. Camille Bozek for always being there to help. Lauren Morgan for giving us so many hours to get these beautiful production numbers up and running before you yourself went to make headlines, but most importantly for making me believe in me. Liz Toleno for making these kids sound amazing.


Michael Kaplan, for stepping in and being by my side on this journey that didn’t go exactly as planned. You let me take the lead, and taught me to believe in myself. But above all you helped me make my vision come to light. I could not have done this without you, THANK YOU! To Carol, for creating such beautiful costumes and believing in me when I said hey I can do that (The sheep are all me) Nikayla Schlosser for drawing my set out and helping me paint into the wee hours of the night.



To my Husband and Set designer, for the countless hours you spent building this incredible set, shopping for costumes props and the countless hours of encouragement, support and anything else I may have dreamed up for this, I am forever grateful. To my son Jay who did anything I asked when it came to set building, and made just one more trip to the store for one last thing.


To all the parents for lending me your children every Saturday. But most importantly to this cast. You have brought my favorite fairy tale alive in a way only you could. Your dedication to this story, countless hours of rehearsal, smiles, laughs, voices and talent you have outdone yourself and I couldn’t be prouder. So I now invite you to relax, pull up a chair as From Stage to Screen proudly presents…..





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