The Music Man Jr. - October 22 - October 23, 2017

Forest Lake Education Center

 Who's Who 

  • Aiden Whitaker head shot

    Aiden Whitaker

    as Conductor, Tommy Dijlas

    Aiden is in eighth grade. This is his first year in Una Voce. Aiden enjoys biking, drawing, and footall. He has been involved in choir and played the saxophone in band.

  • Aleen Ibarra head shot

    Aleen Ibarra

    as Constable Locke, Mrs. Squires

    Aleen is in the eighth grader. This is her second year in Una Voce. Aleen enjoys singing, sleeping, and going to the movies. Her favorite movie is Ten Things I Hate About You. She has been a member of choir, played the trombone in band, and has performed in skits at church.

  • Amelia Alvarez head shot

    Amelia Alvarez

    as Ethel Toffelmier

    Amelia is a seventh grader, and this is her first year in Una Voce. She enjoys singing, performing, and hanging out. Amelia has been in choir and played the flute in band. She is also an active member of her church taking on leadership roles as well as partcipating in plays.

  • Brandon Paul head shot

    Brandon Paul

    as Mayor Shinn

    Brandon is an eighth grader, and this is his first year in Una Voce. He enjoys playing the drums and spending time with the people he loves. Brandon has been involved with the school choir. He has also been a member of FLEC's Drum Corp since he was in the fifth grade.

  • Brittany Gelin head shot

    Brittany Gelin

    as Mrs. Paroo

    Brittany is in eighth grade. This is her first year in Una Voce. Brittany enjoys singing, dancing, being a "weirdo" in public, and making people laugh. Brittany is also in the school choir and has played the trombone in band.

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