The Music Man Jr. - October 22 - October 23, 2017

Forest Lake Education Center

 End Notes 



  • I am exceptionally proud of this production. The quality of the cast, stage crew and supporting committees are outstanding. A truly successful production however, involves more than what is presented on stage. It should not only be an artistic learning experience, but a personal one as well. I'm especially proud of the cooperation, mutual respect, the level of the commitment, and the teamwork that has been demonstrated by everyone involved in this production. These students have put egos aside and discovered that whether they have one line or fifty, were on stage or off stage, that everyone shares equally in the pride and success of such a fantastic accomplishment.


  • I would like to extend my thanks to Aletha Braithwaite, Victoria Kreiter and Joy Uzarraga for the countless hours and sleepless nights each of you has put in on this production. Without you, this would still be just a dream.


  • To my students, my extended family of thirty-two precious kids - I'm so proud of the hard work, long hours, and your dedication to this show. We have laughed, danced, cried and applauded each other as this production has taken shape. The final tableu is beautiful.



      Ms. Esther






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