A Christmas Story Live! -



Count On Christmas  
It All Comes Down To Christmas  
Ralphie, The Parkers and Ensemble
Red Ryder Carbine Action BB Gun  
Ralphie and Jean
The Genius on Cleveland Street  
The Old Man and Mother
When You're A Wimp  
The Kids
Ralphie to the Rescue!  
Ralphie, Miss Shields, The Parkers and Ensemble
What A Mother Does  
A Major Award  
The Old Man, Mother and Neighbors
Ralphie’s Nightmare  
Mrs. Ralphie and Ensemble
In the Market For A Miracle  
Mrs. Schwartz, Ralph and Ensemble
Sticky Situation  
Kids, Miss Shields and Emsemble
You'll Shoot Your Eye Out!  
Miss Shields and Kids
Just Like That  
At Higbee’s  
Before The Old Man Comes Home  
The Parkers
Somewhere Hovering Over Indiana  
Ralph, Randy and Kids
Red Ryder (Reprise #3)/Ralphie To The Rescue! (Reprise)  
Ralph and Ensemble
A Christmas Story  
The Parkers and Company


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