12 Angry Jurors - October 05 - October 08, 2017

East Central College


Cast Members  
Juror 1  
George Meyer  
Juror 2  
Jim Mueller  
Juror 3  
Carol Buescher  
Juror 4  
Tara Steffens  
Juror 5  
Patty Kellmann  
Juror 6  
Shanee Haynes  
Juror 7  
Chad Greife-Wetenhall  
Juror 8  
Andrew Bougeno  
Juror 9  
John Anglin  
Juror 10  
Anna Smith  
Juror 11  
Ethan Kleekamp  
Juror 12  
Corey Small  
Alex Gansmann  
Voice of the Judge  
Dr. Leon Burke  
Production / Creative  
Director/Set Design/Technical Director/Sound Design  
Chris Swanson  
Lighting Design  
Shane Dawson  
Costume Design  
Carol Buescher, Patty Kellmann
Production Stage Manager/Stage Artist  
Cassie Ross  
Backstage Manager  
Brianna Summers  
Show Photographer/Box Office Manager  
Shannon Penrod  
Logo Design  
Amanda Studdard  
Set Construction  
Cassie Ross, Ethan Woods, Jacob Schmidt, Mason Schink, Andrew Wanager, Andrew Boegen, Shelbie Dallas, Philip Edwards, David Raub.

John Edson Anglin Performing Arts Center Guidelines


Please silence your cell phones- no texting is allowed during the performance.


Due to contract rules, there can be no photography and no videography of this show. 


Food and drink is not allowed in the JEAPAC.


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