12 Angry Jurors - October 05 - October 08, 2017

East Central College
East Central College Theatre



by Reginald Rose






Corey Small

Shanee Haynes

Anna Smith

Jim Mueller


John Anglin

Chad Greife-Wetenhall

Ethan Kleekamp

Patty Kellmann

Carol Buescher


George Meyer

Andre Bougeno

Alex Gansmann

Tara Steffens


Set Design

Chris Swanson


Costume Design

Carol Buescher

Patty Kellmann


Production Stage Manager

Cassie Ross


Assistant Stage Manager

Andrew Wanager


Backstage Manager

Brianna Summers

Lighting Design

Shane Dawson


Sound Design

Chris Swanson


Directed by

Chris Swanson


 This show has no intermission.   Actors in this show use e-cigatettes. 



I would like to thank everyone for coming out for the start of our theatre season here at ECC.  With our every changing society I believe it is very important to understand and be thoughtful in the choices that you make. 12 Angry Jurors is a play about making choices. We delve into the idea of how your background, socio-economic status and even your gender can play a part in your decisions. To quote Juror 11 “We have a responsibility. This is a remarkable thing about democracy.”


Chris Swanson, Director

The mission of the Department of Theatre and Communications at East Central College is to provide students with academic training and practical experience in a nurturing yet challenging educational environment along with serving as a cultural touchstone for the surrounding community.