Legally Blonde The Musical - March 30 - April 01, 2017

Dulaney High

 Who's Who 

  • Mary Charlotte Gitlin head shot

    Mary Charlotte Gitlin

    as Elle Woods

    Former roles: Inherit the Wind (LBP, Mrs. Krebs), Carrie (ensemble), The Odd Couple (LBP, Cecily Pigeon), Ah! Wilderness (LBP, Muriel), She Kills Monsters (Lillith Morningstar), Beauty and the Beast (Lefou), You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown (LBP, Frieda), To Kill a Mockingbird (LBP, Mayella), Pride and Prejudice (Elizabeth Bennet). She is excited for her last DTC production and hopes you enjoy it!

  • Alex Stocksdale head shot

    Alex Stocksdale

    as Warner Huntington III

    Alex is ecstatic to be performing as Warner Huntington III in his final Dulaney production. While he doesn't endorse Warner's ill-mannered behaviors, he's excited, nevertheless, to be playing a role unlike those of his past performances: "Carrie: The Musical" as Tommy Ross; "Beauty and the Beast" as Lumiere. He appreciates Tami Moon, her administration, and his parents for their encouragement.

  • Claire Marsh head shot

    Claire Marsh

    as Vivienne Kensington

    Claire Marsh is ecstatic to perform in her third show with Dulaney Theater Company!

  • Michael Cheng head shot

    Michael Cheng

    as Emmett Forrest

    Michael Cheng is delighted to be making his debut as Emmett Forrest in Dulaney High School’s production of "Legally Blonde." He assumes an active role in Dulaney’s music program, including being members in the Chamber Choir and Advanced Guitar classes. Additionally, Michael has recently contributed to Dulaney’s Theatre in its production of "Pride and Prejudice" by performing a vocal duet.

  • Winfield Clasing head shot

    Winfield Clasing

    as Professor Callahan

    Winfield is proud to be in his 3rd production with the Dulaney Theatre Company. His previous roles include Gaston in "Beauty and the Beast," George in "Carrie: the Musical," Bahorel in "Les Misérables," and many more. He would like to thank Ms. Moon, Ms. Fair, and Mrs. Senita for all of their help and support over the past few years.

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