Legally Blonde The Musical - March 30 - April 01, 2017

Dulaney High

 End Notes 


OMG! Omigod you guys...are here!!!!! Let's all get Positive about What You Want as we Bend and Snap to the music and we shake our Legally Blonde Remix! Then we will all dream of Ireland where there is no Blood in the Water.  You need to get a Chip on Your Shoulder and Whipped into Shape if you are going to enjoy this show! 


Now let's get serious for real.  I remember watching the movie years ago and loving the light fluff.  After working more closly with this story I realized that there are so many great themes that I want my own daughter to know and live.  I mean she is four right now and the most adorable four year old out there ;).  But, one day when she's older she will discover that true worth is more than skin deep and greater than she could have ever imagined.  I hope that this show will remind everyone to celebrate who they are and work hard to get there.  


Thank you to my amazing students for working so hard and loving theatre as much as I do.  Thank you to my coworkers and friends who find various ways to support me and join in on the madness.  Thank you to my husband and actual kids who let me work long hours and still love me.  Thank you for coming tonight and supporting the Dulaney Theatre Company.  Hope to see you again soon!









MC - for always living up to my crazy high expectations. 

Alex - for showing up ready to work and with a smile.

Michael - for deciding to audition your senior year. 

Winfield - for always being my bad guy even though you are not. 

Mia - for having a voice so beautiful it makes me cry and a contagious spirit. 

Grace - for having one of the kindest hearts I have ever known. 

Alps - for making everyone laugh and warm hugs. 

Jason - for showing up and kicking butt even on crutches. 

Ariana - for never giving up. 

All my Senior Dancers - for adding spunk and beauty to the shows. 

Christina - for being my first personal assistant. 

Cassie - for making the sets beautiful. 

Missy - for going above and beyond.  

Carmen - for making ALL the copies. 

Julia - for lighting my stage and my world. 

Daniel - for trying new things with curiousity and determination. 

Tomer - for multitasking. 

George - for helping us sound good.  


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