Rumors - May 03 - May 05, 2018

Dover Foundation



A Message from The Dover Foundation President




The Dover Foundation is an all volunteer, non-profit organization, which began 71 years ago. It started with a goal to promote neighborliness and to help the youth of the town through an education fund.

Since 1947 the Foundation has performed over 100 musicals, cabarets and plays. Our rich history is on full display with photographs and text in our 70thAnniversary Book, which will be available at the show or by ordering at It really is a beautiful collection of memories.

As President of the Foundation this year, I am excited that, as we did in our earlier years, we are actively pursuing local community projects that require funding.  This will complement our annual scholarships that are awarded to Dover students entering higher education.  In the 71 years since the Foundation was established in excess of $600,000 has been awarded to over 500 students.  We have YOU to thank in order to make this possible.  

Every year we welcome new faces, who come from a wide range of backgrounds and all share the love of theatre and performance, working together, and producing a terrific show. If you would like to be actively involved with the Foundation, should it be on a committee, as a Director, or Producer, or in any other capacity, please email us at  We would LOVE to hear from you.

We hope you enjoy today’s performance, I am so excited to be once again playing a part in one of Neil Simon’s classics.  I am just hoping I can keep a straight face during the performances because as yet I haven’t made it through a rehearsal without laughing!  It has been so much fun with my fellow cast members and to have Bruce, Ruth and Lisa leading the charge is the icing on the cake.

Thank you once again for supporting the Foundation and today’s performance.


Jane Taylor



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