Disney's Aladdin KIDS - May 20 - May 21, 2017

DMR Adventures

 From the Director 

I am excited to be the director of Aladdin, Kids, the first student-run production at DMR Adventures in Charlottesville.  It is also a thrill for us to perform in the new Belmont Arts Collaborative.
At auditions, I was blown away by the talent of all the performers.  There were children who are DMR veterans as well as some new faces. 
I chose Aladdin because it is a show that has a powerful message about how important it is be comfortable with who you are.  It also has great humor, energy, music and dancing.  Both the hero and heroine are great role models.  Aladdin learns to own up to his mistakes and put others before himself.  Jasmine is confident, loyal, compassionate and demands respect. 

I want to thank Melissa Charles for inviting me to direct at DMR and for teaching me so much about the role of a director.  I also want to thank the amazing and dedicated creative team of students who made this show possible.  
-Dani Miller

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