Disney's Aladdin KIDS - May 20 - May 21, 2017

DMR Adventures

 Shout Outs! 



Siena, we are so proud of you. Seize the moment and shine on stage!
Love, Mom, Dad and Leanne

Charlize, we are so proud of you. Explore a whole new world ahead! 
Love, Mom, Dad and Leanne



Lola, We are so proud of you. Your voice and your smile light up the stage and our world! Break a leg! Love, Nana and Papi



Sally, We are so proud of you! 

Love, Dad, Mom and Audrey!



Siena, I'm so proud of you and all you do so beautifully!
Love, Ama



Charlize, You're amazing with all of your special gifts and talents!
Love, Ama



Congratulations to the creative crew: 

Katie Wall, Dani Miller, Greyson Taylor, Julianna Buyaki, 

and the many others who diligently commited to this project 

with their energy and creativity! 

 -Katherine Wall



To our Youth Leaders
(Dani, Katie, Greyson, Julianna, Izzy, Connor, Eliza, Sophia, Dylan, and Nathan):

I am incredibly proud of your dedication and collaboration. Thank you for bringing this story to life in a unique way. 



THANK YOU to the many parents and friends of DMR who have volunteered time on this production and in getting the space ready. Thanks to Title of Show/Phoenix Theatre Works for helping make this a smooth transition while running two shows at once. 

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