Broadway at the Paramount - August 11

DMR Adventures


Act One  
Another Op’nin Another Show  
Full Company
With You  
Mia Buckley
Consider Yourself  
Winter Garden Group
Come Look at the Freaks  
Belasco Group
Fight the Dragons  
Matthew Steffens
Good Morning  
Jennifer DiNoia, Tony Gonzalez, Matthew Steffens
Always Look on the Bright Side of Life  
Gershwin Group
Jai Ho  
Full Company
Act Two  
He Lives in You  
Full Company
Simple Joys  
Greyson Taylor
Dancing Through Life/One Short Day  
St. James Group
King of New York  
Gershwin & Winter Garden Groups
Brand New You  
Izzy Spencer
Finale of Parade  
Full Company
The Wizard And I  
Jennifer DiNoia
Get Happy  
Dance Apprentices
Get On Your Feet  
Full Company

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