A Tale of Two Cities - March 23 - March 25, 2017

Covenant School

 Who's Who 

  • Hogan Hurley head shot

    Hogan Hurley

    as King of England

    Hogan is excited to be on stage again in a Covenant production. He is so excited, he forgot to turn in his own bio, and left it up to someone else to write. Hogan's other interests include soccer and collecting unread emails. One day, Hogan hopes to travel to 49 of the 50 states. Ask him which one will be skipped. Hogan hopes you enjoy the show as much as he enjoys reading this bio.

  • Jennie Lou Haughton head shot

    Jennie Lou Haughton

    as Queen of England

    Jennie Lou is excited to play the Queen of England in the spring play! She has been in six other Covenant shows and looks forward to continuing her theater career as a senior next year. She thanks Mrs. Miller for her hard work and dedication directing the show, Mr. Miller for his fortitude in juggling both directing and acting, and the parents who have worked to make this show possible. Enjoy!

  • Sammy Newcomer head shot

    Sammy Newcomer

    as King of France

    Sammy is so excited to be the king of France in A Tale of Two Cities. Sammy is most famous for his role in Mary Poppins, as the sinister banker with the perfect German accent. He would like to thank the Millers for giving him the opportunity to do what he loves. He would also like to thank his brother Joseph, for letting acting be one thing that Sammy does that Joseph doesn't do better.

  • Sally Shaw head shot

    Sally Shaw

    as Queen of France

    Sally is thrilled to be a part of this dramatic drama. Favorite past roles include Mary Poppins (Mary Poppins), Mabel (The Pajama Game, OCU), Mrs. Whatsit (A Wrinkle in Time), Alice Sycamore (You Can’t Take It with You), Elinor (Sense and Sensibility), and Celia (As You Like It). She would now like to conclude with this quote from the play, “You are a little depressed too. Oh, the men, the men!”

  • Kyle Crane head shot

    Kyle Crane

    as Coachman / Barsad / Gaspard

    Kyle, a freshman, is appearing in his second Covenant production. You might remember seeing him in Mary Poppins wearing a chimney sweep costume. Kyle wants to use his bio to impart great wisdom and thought. However, he only has 400 characters to do this, so he wants to use that space wisely. After much thought and reflection, he has decided that the most important thing he can pass along is to

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