A Tale of Two Cities - March 23 - March 25, 2017

Covenant School


Cast Members (in order of appearance)  
King of England  
Hogan Hurley  
Queen of England  
Jennie Lou Haughton  
King of France  
Sammy Newcomer  
Queen of France  
Sally Shaw  
Coachman / Barsad / Gaspard  
Kyle Crane  
Mr. Jarvis Lorry  
Cole Harvey  
Jerry Cruncher  
Claire Booker  
Lucie Manette  
Melanie Kay  
Ernest Defarge  
Jacob Long  
Madame Therese Defarge  
Scout Hodges  
Jacques I  
Haley Hawkins  
Jacques II  
Lilly Anderson  
Jacques III  
Bailey Beaird  
Mr. Stryver / Peasant  
Jackson Murray  
Co-Director / Dr. Manette  
Steve Miller  
Charles Darnay  
Bennett Hurley  
Sydney Carton  
Cameron Sharpless  
Miss Pross  
Secily Covington  
Peasant Woman  
Shaina Burgos  
Marquis St. Evremonde / Vengeance  
Stevie Michel  
Little Lucie  
Claire Murray  
April Miller  




The action of the play takes place in the courtyard of an English inn. It is the 1860s, and the innkeepers, in order to supplement the meager income provided by guests, are producing A Tale of Two Cities.



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