A Tale of Two Cities - March 23 - March 25, 2017

Covenant School


Running Crew


Backstage: Thomas Holmes, Daniel Magnuson, Juliet Miller, Ella Murray

Lights: Annie Houk  |  Sound: Sullivan Hickman


Technical Crew


Set Design: Steve & April Miller, Bonnie Shaw | Properties: April Miller, Bonnie Shaw, Sandra Magnuson


Set Construction: Bryan Booker, Ken Sharpless, Steve Taylor, Jeff Hurley, Tom Kay, Steve Miller


Poster & program artwork: Bonnie Shaw  |  Program layout/design: Michael Crane




Friends of the Arts (FotA), for their support of this show, as well as their year-round support of the Arts at Covenant


Terry May and Bishop Lynch, for letting us use their warehouse space for set construction, and for the use of several set pieces


Lori Haughton, for all her superb help in coordinating tickets & concessions


Kelley Newcomer, for coordinating the Rehearsal Retreat dinner…with much help from Lori Haughton, Sharon Long, Sharissa Murray, and Bonnie Shaw


All the parents who helped with snacks, tickets, and concessions


Everyone who helped transform the Bishop Lynch Theater on load-in day


Covenant staff who helped keep the administrative side of things going, especially Melissa Weiss and Scott Rosa, who went above and beyond in helping implement the ticketing system


Directors’ Notes:


     Here at Covenant, we believe there is tremendous value in great literature. And we know there are some stories that seem to have a certain timelessness to them, an almost universal appeal to the elements of truth, goodness, and beauty that are a part of the image of God in us all. A Tale of Two Cities is just one of those stories.

     When we came across this staged version of the story by Mark Fitzgibbons, we were impressed by two things. First, he relies heavily on the original language of the novel. The words are almost exclusively those of Charles Dickens, though thankfully edited. Second, the way he weaves the scenes together creates a seamless dramatization that keeps the action going. And keeping the action going is no small task when taking Dickens from the book to the stage.

     As always, working with these students has been a wonderful journey. We’ve had our share of ups and downs, but the sobering knowledge of the task before us has never diminished the joy of telling this story. Once again, I am impressed, humbled, and inspired by their hard work and creativity. May you be stirred by the story they tell.


Soli Deo Gloria

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