Agatha Christie's And Then There Were None - September 08 - September 09, 2017

Christ Wesleyan Church Theatre Productions


Crew Members  
Worship Arts Pastor/Christ Wesleyan Theatre Productions Director  
Ryan Brosious  
Christ Wesleyan Theatre Productions Assistant Director  
Carole Brosious  
Show Director  
Barb Jones  
Assistant Show Director  
Rob Yoder  
Sound Operator  
Merrill Lynn  
Drama Coach & Sound Effects  
Caryn Rehm  
Lighting Design & Operation  
Joshua Murray  
Stage Manager  
Stephanie Hines  
Assistant Stage Manager  
Caryn Rehm  
Set Construction Supervisor  
Libby Maust  
Set Construction Volunteer Team  
Ken Jones & Bob Brosious  
Set/Backdrop Painting  
Beth O'Connell  
Props Master  
Tammy Wetzel  
Makeup Director  
Tara Allred  
Costumes Provided by  
Joy Mertz of Joyful Hearts Costume Cottage  
Theatre Productions Dinner Theatre Volunteer Coordinators  
Julie Dorman & Kristine Bachman  
Show Photography  
Christ Wesleyan Church's Media Arts Photography Team  
Theatre Productions & Worship Arts Secretary/Box Office  
Becky Klinger  
Media & Advertising  
Brent Mestach, Cameron Edinger, Mary Tyler, & Tabitha Gessner
Marketing, Print, & Social Media  
Mary Tyler  

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