Agatha Christie's And Then There Were None - September 08 - September 09, 2017

Christ Wesleyan Church Theatre Productions


Crew Members  
Worship Arts Pastor/Christ Wesleyan Theatre Productions Director  
Ryan Brosious  
Christ Wesleyan Theatre Productions Assistant Director  
Carole Brosious  
Show Director  
Barbara Jones  
Assistant Show Director  
Rob Yoder  
Sound Operator  
Merill Lynn  
Sound Effects  
Caryn Rehm  
Lighting Design & Operation  
Joshua Murray  
Video Operator  
Stage Manager  
Stephanie Hines  
Assistant Stage Manager  
Stage Crew  
Caryn Rehm  
Page Caller  
Set Construction Supervisor  
Set Construction Volunteer Team  
Set/Backdrop Painting  
Special Effects Supervisor  
Props Master  
Tammy Wetzel  
Makeup Director  
Tara Allred  
Camera Operator  
Cast Photography  
Rehearsals & Performances Photography  
Christ Wesleyan Church's Media Arts Photography Team  
Theatre Productions & Worship Arts Secretary/Box Office  
Becky Klinger  
Theatre Productions' Dinner Theatre Volunteer Coordinator  
Media & Advertising  
Brent Mestach, Cameron Edinger, Mary Tyler, & Tabitha Gessner  
Marketing, Print, & Social Media  
Mary Tyler  

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