Disney's Beauty and the Beast - October 13 - October 29, 2017

CharACTers Theatrics and Gadsden State


Crew Members  
Cody Carlton  
Music Director  
Shana Acray  
Annie Waldrop  
Assistant Director  
John Cardy  
Stage Manager  
Daniel Henson  
Assistant Stage Manager  
Shanna Wilkinson  
Lighting Designer  
Brandon Vick  
Sound Operator  
Stephen Watkins  
House Manager  
Molly Page  
Scenic Design  
Cody Carlton  
Master Carpenter  
Michael Copeland  
Scenic Painting  
Brandon Vick, Shanna Wilkinson, Santana Carlton, and Sulynn Carlton
Poster Design  
Santana Carlton  
Show Photographer  
Brooke Bikneris  

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