Annie - July 14 - July 23, 2017


 A note from the Director 

It's funny how things come full circle. Eighteen years ago I was cast as Oliver Warbucks, performing on the same Comstock Community Auditorium stage I am directing today! By some strange coincidence, Sophia McIntosh who plays Annie, turned 11 during rehearsals, the same age as Annie! Annie The Musical turns 40 this year, as do I. We kind of feel like fate is on our side. Just like any other show or even real life, there are a series of coincidences that add up to tell a story. 


Annie The Musical, tells the story of Little Orphan Annie based on the Harold Gray comic strip that ran from 1924-2010. Starting its newspaper run in a time between two World Wars and on the brink of the Great Depression, Little Orphan Annie brought something the country sorely needed, optimism! The comic strip was an instant hit, resonating with millions who felt there was no tomorrow to come. Annie mania had begun. Over the years you could find her face everywhere, from selling Ovaltine to lunch boxes.


Fast forward to 1977, and Annie The Musical was born. The original Broadway production ran for six years and be came the launching pad for several famous stars, including, Sarah Jessica Parker and Andrea McArdle who have inspired millions of people with a dose of optimism in a time of social and economical unknowns.

Fast forward to today. Annie continues to inspire and captivate audiences with her spunky nature and resilience.


Our production is intended to capture some of the optimism and hope that, the sun will come out tomorrow, and that it's only a day away!


Thousands of man hours and dollars have been put into this production. Those hours and dollars don't come from Daddy Warbucks. They come in the form of volunteers, fantastic people who help supply the talent, resources, fundraising, constructing and promotions that help to make us the luckiest kids in the world, allowing us all to play.


Our talented cast and crew range in age from six to 70 years young! Our great crew as well as our talent is comprised of the most seasoned local talent who have done 50+ productions, to those treading the boards for the first time.


Thank you for coming to support our production, your family and friends.


Remember, Tomorrow is always a day away!


Enjoy the show!


Kelly Short



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