The View from Here - September 16

Broom Horse Pictures


Crew Members  
Production Manager  
Brigette Garner  
Boom Operator  
Kenny Mitchell  
Boom Operator  
Richard Trejo  
Original Score Composed by  
Jake Fultz and Kevin Tye  
Recording and Engineering  
Kevin Tye and Jake Fultz  
Production Assistant  
Stephanie Meri  
Supervising Sound Editor/Re-recording Mixer  
Kevin Tye  
Dialogue Editor and Foley  
Kevin Tye  
Producer of Distribution  
Jeremy Andorfer-Lopez  
Score Orchestra  
Jake Fultz- Piano, Synth, Guitar, Programming
Kevin Tye- Recording, Engineering, Synth, Programming
Therese Cudmore- Cello
Kathie King- Violin
Kelly Fulcher- Vocalist
Sydney Wolfe- Voaclist
Bruce Vaught- Flamenco Guitar






Thank you to additional artists and groups involved in the music of the film- Geoff Pickney, Peter Steer, Tenek, and English Ghosts. 



Score recorded and mixed at Albion Sound in Mesa, AZ. 



A special thank you to our composers Jake Fultz and Kevin Tye for their tireless work and devotion to the music and sound of the film!



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