Reaper - June 01 - June 10, 2017

Blackbird Dance Theatre


Prologue - Shifting
Scene 1 - Wanting
Give It To Me - Duane Lundy  
Choreographed By: Chap Hollin and Elise Parker
Beat, Beat My Heart - Vandaveer  
Choreographed By: Addison Hollingshead and Elise Parker
Pillar of Salt - Eliza Sayers  
Choreographed By: Chap Hollin
Scene 2 - Searching
We Go Down To That Corner - Chico Fellini  
Choreographed By: Nell Adkins and Carson Hardee
Scene 3 - Hunting
Concrete - Duane Lundy and Jenny Fitzpatrick  
Choreographed By: Carson Hardee
Treasures - Duane Lundy  
Choreographed By: Kiara Butts and Carson Hardee
Come To My Party - Chico Fellini  
Choreographed By: Nell Adkins and Kiara Butts
Scene 4 - Falling
But Enough On That For Now - Vandaveer  
Choreographed By: Chap Hollin and Helena Schatzki




About Blackbird Dance Theatre


     Blackbird Dance Theatre is a dance school in Lexington, Kentucky under the direction of Jenny Fitzpatrick. Blackbird offers classes in jazz, contemporary, hip hop, and tap with a foundation in ballet technique. There are classes for all ages 3yrs.-adult.


     This isn't just studio dance. This is dance training geared toward theatre performance and concert dance performance. It is a professional and accelerated program for not only dancers, but actors too.


     Blackbird's next performance will be an original production entitiled "The Broken Queen." It will be performed at the Downtown Arts Center in Lexington, KY this September.


For more information about Blackbird, please visit:




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