Into The Woods JR. - January 13 - January 14, 2017

Be Drama: Anderson Middle School and Norup International School

 Production Staff 

Crew Members  
John F. Hopkins  
Music Direction and additional staging  
Ali Hodges  
Student Music Assistant  
Abby Williams  
Construction Supervisor  
Matt Sheehan  
Production Stage Manager  
Natalie Smith  
Student Producer  
Autum Hauser  
Department Stage Manager  
Happy Parker  
Assistant Stage Manager (RSM)  
Jesse Handelsman  
Properties Manager  
Katie McIntire  
Student Technical Director  
Louis Beaubien  
Lighting Design  
Emily Turner  
Sound Direction  
Jordan Vanek  
Paint Manager  
Natalie Purdy  
Assistant Paint Manager  
Emily Ramel  
Costume Coordinator  
Linda Watson  
Costume Assistant  
Abbigail Nash  
Hair/Make Up  
Emily Muench  
Fly Rail  
Maureen Tighe  
Middle School Crew  
Chinyere Aguwa, Angeline Ameloot, Micah Bradley, Naomi Chimovitz, Sophia Day, Marcella DePaul, Sophie Eizen, Karly Hurd, Molly Kelly, Andrew Momper, Eve Pietraszewski, Lily Paprocki, Lena Raimi, Lucas Robbins-Hensler, Ashlyn Weber
High School Crew  
Samantha Balwinski, Max Collens, Luthor Fleischauer, Tessa Fletcher, Helen Hoffman, Nora Rhein, Max Smith, Jack Welcher

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