Into The Woods JR. - January 13 - January 14, 2017

Be Drama: Anderson Middle School and Norup International School


Be Drama and the cast of "Into the Woods, Jr." are SO thankful for so many people including (though not limited to) the following:


The Be Drama Fan Club and its board: Nikki Morrison, Pam Primak, Kay Rogers and Kim Young


The Berkley Schools Community for being a fantastic place to have a student and to be a student


The faculty, staff and administrations of both Anderson Middle School and Norup International School.  


The BHS faculty, staff and administration for being such gracious hosts!


Dennis McDavid and the entire Berkley School District Administration: Thank you for being so open to the varied interests and abilities of our students and for always supporting what we do!


The BSD Communications Department: Jessica Stilger and Sarah Denoyer


Julie Smith for getting us started and cheering us on!


All of our volunteers for tech week meals and supervision


Be Drama is thankful for the High School Drama Club members who give and give to the department and for being the PERFECT example and influence for Berkley's rising stars!


Special thanks to Linda Watson for saving the costume day!


We are once again proud and honored to thank our print sponsor, The Print Stop, Inc.




And don't miss the rest of the exciting 16/17

Be Drama Theatrical Season!


"Bye Bye Birdie!"

The High School Musical

March 23 - 25 at 7PM

March 26 at 3PM


Senior Showcase 2017

Cheer the Be Drama Class of '17 as they make their

final performance on the BHS stage

May 7 at 7PM








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