Last Day of School - November 17 - November 18, 2017

Bald Eagle Area Drama Club


Act I  
Morning Announcements
First Period "Now or Never...Well Maybe Later"
Second Period "Opposites Attract Detention"
Third Period "Finding a Friend On the Way Up"
Fourth Period "Valentine's Day in June"
Act II  
Midday Announcements
Fifth Period "We Need to Talk is Never Good"
Sixth Period "I am Not Invisible/I am Not a Bad Person"
Seventh Period "Sometimes Friends Can Just Be Friends"
Eight Period "Third Wheel Gets to Be a First Wheel"
End of the Day Announcements


Green Room

Please join us in the lobby after Friday night’s performance for our

Green Room Reception.

Meet the cast and crew while you enjoy some delicious refreshments.

Free photo: Birthday Cake, ...

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