If Walls Could Talk, They Would Tell Secrets - August 19

BP Productions

 End Notes 


To God be the glory for the great things he has done. I would like to thank all of my family members and friends who always support me. You mean the world to me. To my cast, thank you for your time, dedication, and wonderful talent. You are some of the most gifted people I have ever had the privilege to work with. To my Spiritual father, Elder Chambers, thank you for allowing us to have rehearsals at the church. Love you Dad. To my wonderful husband, thank you for your prayers, encouragement, listening ear, and your support. You have shown me over the years that I am truly your rib. My prayer for tonight's play is that the chains of bondage, fear, and brokenness be broken forever. I believe that this play will change, empower, deliver, renew, and set everyone who has the opportunity to see the play free. 

i proudly and humbly present another play that God has allowed  me to write. "If Walls Could Talk, They Would Tell Secrets."

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