Disney's Beauty and the Beast - December 07 - December 08, 2017

Alexander Mackenzie High School

 Who's Who 

  • Angelina Almanza head shot

    Angelina Almanza


    is thrilled to be part of the Beauty and the Beast cast and has enjoyed the opportunity to showcase her versatility as an actress by playing multiple roles such as a villager, an enchanted object, and even a ferocious wolf.  As a student in the Music Arts Mackenzie program, she has further developed her love and knowledge of vocal music performance.  Angelina was eager to be part of the musical theatre course this year to additionally develop her skills in dance and drama. She attends two choirs a week on top of rehearsals for Beauty and the Beast. Angelina would like to thank her grandmother, Carlen, for influencing her taste for musicals and her love of music.

  • Amanda Backal head shot

    Amanda Backal

    as Narrator/Townsperson/Servant

    has worked hard to make meaningful contributions to this year’s musical.  Not only has she had a great time performing as the Narrator and as an ensemble member in Beauty and the Beast, but she has also enjoyed choreographing several numbers in the show.  Amanda is a Theatre Arts Mackenzie student and appeared in last year’s musical, Crazy for You (Mackenzie Music), as one of Bela Zangler’s follies.  She has also acted in various commercials, TV shows, and movies and has 10 years of dance experience through her training at CB Dance Academy.  Amanda is extremely grateful for the support she has received from friends, family, teachers, and fellow students that made her participation in the musical possible and so enjoyable.


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