Disney's Beauty and the Beast - December 07 - December 08, 2017

Alexander Mackenzie High School



We would like to give special thanks to the following people without whom this production would not have been such a success…



•     Cher Alexander for all of her help picking up the pieces and behind the scenes


•     Adrienne Gurfinkel for her invaluable support and advice


•     AMHS Caretaking Staff for putting up with our continual mess


•     AMHS Secretarial Staff for helping us with organization


•     AMHS Teaching Staff for being supportive of our students and this production


•     AMHS Administration for their continued support


•     Troy Fogg and Isabella Silva for their artistic expertise and help with sets


•     Dorina Sen for her help with stage make-up for the performers


•     Tom Belch and Carly Cohen for helping to organize the elementary school shows


•     Katherine Ellis for help with costumes


•     Dennis Alexander for helping to deliver the wood to build the sets


•     George Alexander for building the tables for Gaston's bar


•     Matthew Lui for fixing the magic of the rose


•     Terry Bellamy, Chris Bullen, Kitch Bullen, Larry Jacobs, Scott Johnson, and Steve Kelly for giving up their weekends to build sets


•     Jessica Ragimove and Carly Cohen for their dance expertise and helping the company polish dances


•     Nicole Amaral and Joshua Mete for helping with blocking rehearsals


•     Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts Staff and Crew for making us seem so professional


•     Parents of the ensemble for their cooperation and understanding of the huge time commitment necessary for the success of a production of this magnitude








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