Carrie the Musical - January 12 - January 14, 2017

Agoura High

  Director's Notes  


Stephen King has created a phenomenon with "Carrie". From book to movie and now musical, Carrie is a protagonist who must defy odds to gain her confidence against an unaccepting society. Carrie White, a teenager girl with telekinetic powers, is bullied for years by her peers and finally gets her revenge. 

I am beyond proud of the cast and crew of this production. After being bullied throughout middle school for being "different", I knew this show would be perfect to bring to the stage! Tackling the issue of bullying, I hope to use Carrie as a template to show our students that your actions/words can affect people.
This show sheds light on parental abuse, mental illness, suicide, and of course bullying. Ask yourselves, what does it cost to be kind? Without the support of our parents, none of this could have been possible. Thank you for lending me your children for the past few months. I hope you enjoy this production and walk away understanding that our differences make us who we are. Thank you for supporting the arts. 
Bibi Kemper 
Gilles Chiasson 
Mr. Mercer 
Mrs. McGrady
Jason Goldman 
Asaf Botser 
Ray Saar
Lori Forman 
Hunter Paris 
Darren Bevill 
Thank you for all of your support throughout this show. 

Bailey Forman


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