Side Piece, Untold Stories - May 19 -

55 Productions


I would like to thank:


Cooper James for seeing my vision and signing on to help bring it to the stage.


Ted Reid, this is all your fault! 


Devin Hampton for helping us to find this amazing cast of women.


Greg Osby for inspiration and always supporting me in each and every endeavor.


Noodle and the Boy (my Grandchildren) aka Cire and Joey for motivating me to keep going and to keep swinging.  I'm not as good as she is with a bat, but I will hit my home run eventually.  If not today, soon!  


My Bad Ass Daughter (in a good way) Trisha for her support, friendship, laughter and love.  I'm proud to call you my kid....yes, no matter how old you are!  How old are you?


My sister, Debra "The Gooch" Vaughn for endless encouragement and support.  She is president of my fan club. She might be the only member, but she's holding it down.


My oldest and dearest friend, Gina Hutchinson.  Always there with an ear, a hand, wine, a hug, more wine or whatever else I ever need. To 40 more crown-less years!


The rest of my friends and family.  The Phyl's.  The Davis sisters who were first in line to support me.  


Darrell Miller


Kenya Witherspoon & Big Scott


Monique Manners 


Dyana Williams


Drew Wallace Videographer


Tony Shepherd Photo


360 Marketing & PR

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